CPSI breaking out

Computer Programs and Systems (CPSI) had a big day today, up 4.9% on about 58% more volume than usual. (I own this stock personally) Maybe the market is finally catching on - it's simply undervalued. Backlog up, expectations very low. Ballpark speaking, I figure it's worth something in the low 40's on about $2 earnings power (about 20-22x earnings). I get this because I figure it's got about 15% long term eps growth potential and at a PEG of 1.4, that's 21x.

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Memorial Day: Wasted!

Studying for the CFA exam on June 2. Argh! Meanwhile, 30-35% of my theoretical life is already completed! I'm a half-glass-full kinda guy, so that means I'm still young.

Graduation (just completed), Passing Level II (that's the plan), Starting a new career, Moving to a new city, and getting married. All within, oh 6 months.

Beer's on me.

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Did y'all Forget 'bout Silverchair???


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Paul Oakenfold w/Brittany Murphy: Faster Kill Pussycat

Why this song was never a huge hit in the U.S. blows me away...pure energy.

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Keane: Somewhere Only we Know

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Shout out to the Young Dubliners

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Wi-fi everywhere and the death of satellite radio

This post by TechCrunch got me thinking. What if, five years from now, we have wi-fi everywhere? Frankly, it's not that hard to envision because the cables are already laid. Covering the rest of our major metro areas with wireless can be done pretty quickly.

If this Sandisk / Pandora device works, it could signal the end of both radio and satellite radio as we know it. Those of you who are not familiar with Pandora but like music, should check it out. You'll love it. I've written about Pandora before, on a different blog. Basically, Pandora continuously plays songs you'll probably like, for as long as you want. Kind of like a radio, except, if you don't like a song, tell Pandora and it will never reappear.

The web is about the user. Users dominate. We want what we want, and when we want it. That's what the web allows us to do. Satellite can do this too, I think, but I don't understand the infrastructure so I don't know how hard it would be. The beautiful and brilliant fiancee and I were discussing this not too long ago. But, think of a satellite radio device as just ONE channel: YOURS.

We're truly in a period of radio wars...and that's good for listeners!

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