Product Review: Boca Hot & Spicy Meatless Chik'n Wings

See picture above. I thought I'd give these a shot, because the Morningstar Farms wings (seen below) are absolutley a delicious treat. But....the store I went to only sold the Boca brand. So, I thought to myself, how bad can they be? Aaaaagh! Mistake. These things taste terrible. And the taste stays around for a just won't go away. I can't believe they let these things out of the factory, they are so bad. I would be willing to bet there are no manufacturing controls to keep bugs away from them, because there's no need: the bugs ain't touching these disgusting nuggets of moist belly button lint.

Instead, go with the Morningstar Farms food below. Much better. And I'm not even a vegetarian...not even close! (I'm also in no way affiliated with either of these companies)

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